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Grass Energy

When we talk about grass energy, we’re referring to pellet fuel made from left over hay. Pellets made from hay contain the same heating value as those made of wood. However, grass only takes days to grow whereas trees require many years to mature. Unlike deep oil deposits that take millions of years to form, grasses are part of the natural yearly carbon cycle: what it emits through combustion is equal to what it absorbes from the soil and air.

Grass pellets are highly beneficial as an energy source because they …

  • Are local, renewable and carbon-neutral,
  • Support local farmers and energy independence,
  • Are highly efficient when burned properly (75-92% eff. in pellet stoves),
  • Require no fertilizers or pesticides,
  • Can be produced on marginal l and and do not compete with food resources, and
  • Are highly affordable, cheaper than wood pellets.
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  1. August 11, 2011 5:36 pm

    my family will be purchasing a pellet stove for this coming winter, is it possible for people who do not have the natural resources used to produce the pellets to purchase them ? if so where/how ?

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