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Thinking about purchasing a stove for burning grass pellets?  Remember- try at your own risk! Grass pellets can have up to 8 times the amount of ash as wood pellets so you cannot burn them in every pellet stove. Multi-fuel stoves that candle handle both corn and wood pellets generally handle grass pellets better. It is important to monitor and adjust stove settings for burning each type of fuel. Always check with the manufacturer to see if they’ve tested their units with grass pellets and whether or not they are supported in their warranties. HVGE does not endorse or recommend any particular stove brand or model.

Here are some of the companies that make units that may be compatible with grass pellets. If you’ve had experience with burning grass pellets in a stove, please leave your comments below!

St. Croix Lincoln

Bixby Maxfire

Quadrafire Mt. Vernon

Bio Burner

USSC Multi-fuel pellet stove

Harman PC45

PSG Alterna Pellet Furnace

St. Croix Revolution Furnace

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  1. DanS. permalink
    July 21, 2011 10:08 pm

    Buyers should be aware that some manufacturers will not warranty “experimental pellets” or pellets that are not made as per “standards” or not THEIR OWN biomass pellets – Bixby is one of these. All manufacturers’ warranties should be fully read before purchase of the stove.

    That said, GO BUY A STOVE!!

    Get a simple design and one that will clear the clinkers!!!

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